Wildlife Watching & Photography at Thailand’s most established & popular Wildlife Reserves – School Holiday Programme in year end School Holiday Week ( period from 24/11/18 to 28/11/18 )

We are pleased to inform that we will be organizing an exciting “ Wildlife Watching & Wildlife Photography ” tour ( 5 – Day / 4 – Night ) during the School Holiday Period

Duration : 5 Day and 4 Night

Trip Eligibility : Participant will be assessed ( meet up with organiser for an interview assessment ) on the suitability for participation due to limited & small group size between 4 to 6 pax limited group size.

Closing Date : TBC

To sign up, visit http://naturetrekker.org/trip-registration-form/, fill up the form and click “submit”

Wildlife to be found in Thailand’s Wildlife Reserves and Wildlife Santuary

Do you know that there are still tigers, elephants, leopards, gaurs, bears roaming free in many wildlife reserves across Thailand? Do you also know that 10% of all marine species in the world can be found in Thailand? And the fact that Thailand is the best bird – watching destination in mainland Asia?

Wildlife Reserves and parks are protected areas of land because they have unspoilt landscapes and a diverse number of native plants and animals. There are 127 wildlife reserves/parks in Thailand, of them 22 marine wildlife parks. These reserves offers a diverse range of flora and fauna, home to important population of endangered species.

The wildlife reserves vast territory is home to some of Thailand’s last remaining wild tigers, leopards, gibbons, exotic snakes and elephants. It is also a very popular destination with bird watchers as it host over 300 species of birds.

The reserves that we will be going is located somewhere relatively high up in the mountain with its highest peak at over 1,350 metres or 4,455 feet high. The reserves has five vegetation zones from grassy plains to evergreen rainforest, and it can get quite cool in the higher altitudes.

The biggest draw of the reserves is its 44 waterfalls, including a couple considered to be among Thailand’s most impressive. There are also some spectacular viewpoints, wildlife observation towers, roaring rapids, tranquil streams and thick jungle canopy.

Our trip will have one very interesting programme highlight and that is the ” Night Safari Tour ” and we will be engaging a specialised trained Thailand wildlife guide at the rate of 500 baht per three hours ( fee subject to changes ). Along with an excellent museum that opened in 2012 and has fossils, stunning photography, videos and other info, a nice and good ambience cafeteria, coffee stand and a large convenience store selling basic necessities are all clustered around the Visitor Centre.

* Package include

The trip comes with full board ( means that all meals will be provided – breakfast, lunch & dinner plus various exciting wildlife watching activities ) on top of the followings in the whole 5 days and 4 night trip :

a) Accommodation ( first and last day ) – staying in 3 to 4 star Hotel class in Bangkok and a superior classy/upscale Chalet in the heart of Wildlife Reserves.

For 1st day and final day stay inside Bangkok, visitor or participants can get to enjoy (on your own cost) the ever famous Thai exotic food, wonderful fabulous shopping (cheaper than Singapore) and pamper yourself with the famous Thai massage or the Aromatic Oil massage in the heart of bangkok before you return to Singapore.

b) Night Safari 4 – Wheel drive tour will be one of the most interesting highlight of the tour.

c) Travel by Airline. Time travel : 2 to 3 hours to reach Thailand

d) All meals provided ( breakfast, lunch and dinner ).

e) Wildlife Reserves Entry Permit Fee.

Activities / Programmes include :

1 ) Guided by an highly experienced professional wildlife guide in Thailand working in collaboration with our organisation – Nature Trekker.

2 ) Jungle Night Walk ( Looking for nocturnal Wild Animal as well as Creepy Crawlies eg. Snake, Scorpion, Spider, Millipede, Insects, Bugs etc )

3 ) Night Safari Wildlife Watching Tour on 4-wheel drive. If luck is with us for the night, participants would be able to witness the following wildlife in nocturnal conditions: Asiatic wild Elephant, Sambar Deer, Barking Deer, Asiatic Black Bear, Malayan Sun Bear, Golden Jackal, Dhole ( Red Wild Dog ), Large Indian Civet, Slow Loris, Small-toothed Palm Civet, Asian Common Palm Civet, Leopard Cat, Malayan Porcupine, Hog Badger, Giant Flying Squirrel etc.

4 ) Trek and visit the majestic 20 storey high waterfall with excellent scenic view and surrounding forest habitat.

5 ) Jungle Trekking on designated trails ( in search of snake, gecko, insect, bugs etc )

6)  Take a dip in one of the crystal clear natural spring pool (no chlorine) and enjoy your good cool relaxation by submerging your body. Visitor or participants can also do some diving on the natural spring water pool.

All activities above are subjected to open to public as some activities may be cancelled due to natural calamities ( eg, River flash flood, Wildfire, Avalanches, Heavy downfall etc) and had to be closed temporarily for short time to allow time for maintenance and repair work in the park

Payment : arrange with organiser

To sign up, visit http://naturetrekker.org/trip-registration-form/, fill up the form and click “submit”. 

Do note, participants are not obligated to join our trip even if they have submitted their registration forms to us. Again, we emphasize, there is NO OBLIGATION to join our trip.

Also to ensure that you are on our list of people on the Thailand Wildlife trip, submission of registration form is a must and is the first step to joining our tour.  Therefore, EARLY SUBMISSION of registration forms to us stand a higher chance of a place for you for the trip. Those who make enquiry or request  reservation of places or slots by phone call or through sms WILL NOT BE entertained unless they sent in their registration form as first step.

All our available slots or places will be subjected to first-come-first-serve basis due to limited places available for the trip. 

Enquiry : Call John at 9655 6555 ( call is strictly for enquiry & not for booking purpose )

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