Adventure & Nature Exploration at Taman Negara ( Malaysia’s premier National Park) – School Holiday Programme
( Closing Date : 13 July 2016 )

We are pleased to inform that we will be organizing an exciting “Taman Negara Adventure & Nature Exploration” trip (5-Day / 4-Night ) during the School Holiday Period ( 5 Days & 4 Nights ).

For existing members who have been to many of our local nature trips, you would find this trip a more exciting and challenging experience as Taman Negara is a vast piece of paradise ( 4, 343 square kilometres ) more than 7 times the size of Singapore make up of jungle, river, waterfall, cave, swamp, big games like tigers, leopard, panthers, elephants, deers and other exotic wildlife, etc.

Date : 7 – 11 September 2016 ( Wednesday to Sunday ) – Trip held during the 1 week School holiday period in September 2016

Duration : 5 Days and 4 Nights

Cost : Arrange with organiser

Closing Date : 13 July 2016

To sign up, visit, fill up the form and click “submit”

Taman Negara National Park , Malaysia

TAMAN NEGARA, reputed to be The Oldest Jungle, The Best Kept Tropical Rainforest & The Great Natural Wonders of the world. By that it means that Taman Negara’s flora & fauna has evolved naturally over hundreds of millions of years without any disruption or major calamities. Indeed, Taman Negara is the world’s oldest tropical rainforest beckons in Malaysia. Preserved to stay the way nature intended it for your exploration and enjoyment.

A haven for hundreds of species of wildlife, exotic birds, fish and plants. Covering 1,677 sq miles (4,343 sq km) of virgin jungle, the park offers an undisturbed diversity of habitats and plant communities. Let your spirit of adventure take you to new heights: the canopy, which is the top layer of vegetation in a forest. Feast your eyes on the myriad of plant and animal species that make their home here, including the birds. All you have to do is venture onto the Park’s canopy walkway, installed at elevations above 81 feet (25 meters) and stretching over 1311 feet (400 meters) – the world’s longest. It is truly a highlight not to be missed.

Take a journey back into time through dense tropical forest. It is estimated more than 100 species of plant life are found in every single acre of the jungle. For the more adventurous, climb up Gunung Tahan, the highest peak in Peninsular Malaysia. Its magnificent vistas haven’t changed since the Ice Ages. The lowland areas of Taman Negara are home to diverse wildlife. Spend nights in a jungle hide (tree-house) looking out for a Tapir, Bear or Elephant lapping it up at the salt-lick below.

Taman Negara was declared for conservation in 1938 and has become Malaysia’s premier national park and the largest in the country covering over 4343 square kilometres (434,300 hectares) of primary forest, spans across three states Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang – and is situated in the centre of the Peninsula Malaysia. Taman Negara is the most extensive protected area of pristine, lowland, evergreen rainforest in the country. Taman Negara originated from a Pahang State Legislation in 1925 and in the district of Jerantut. Over 1300 square kilometres of tropical jungle in its natural state was designated “THE GUNUNG TAHAN GAME RESERVE”. This became the National Park in 1938 when the Sultan of Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan set aside the present area, and named it the “KING GEORGE V NATIONAL PARK”. After Independence, the name was changed to TAMAN NEGARA. The stated purpose of Taman Negara is “to utilise the land within the park in perpetuity, for the propagation, protection and preservation of indigenous flora and fauna”. With so much to see and do, a trip to Taman Negara is a must on your itinerary.

* Package include

The trip comes with full board (meaning all meals will be provided – breakfast, lunch & dinner plus various exciting activities) on top of the followings in the whole 5 days and 4 nights trip :

a) Accommodation in a comfortable Air-conditioned posh resort Chalet or Dormitory (depending on package booked) inside Taman Negara

b) Transit lodging ( first and last day ) – staying in 3 – star equivalent Hotel class in Pahang town area

c) Travel by unique 3 mode of transport- by Rail ( 8 – 9 hours ), Land ( few hours drive ) & the exciting wild River cruise ( 3 and half hours cruising )

d) Rail Service from Singapore up to Taman Negara and return

e) National Park Entry Permit Fee

f ) Trip Souvenir ( free souvenir of a beautiful & cool looking sleeked black Polo-T shirt for all participants costing $45 per shirt )

Activities / Programmes include :

1) Video show of Taman Negara ( History of Taman Negara, the Flora and Fauna ) watching inside a comfortable floating river restaurant after dinner

2) Guided by an Experienced Professsional Malaysian Licensed Nature Guide working for Taman Negara National Park

3) High Canopy Walking ( World’s longest TreeTop Canopy – 1 kilometre length – spread across 16 trees and 8 man-made wooden bridges connected )

4) Jungle Night Walk ( Looking for nocturnal Wild Animal as well as Creepy Crawlies eg. Scorpion, Spider, Millipede, Insects, Bugs etc )

5) Visit to Animal Wildlife Hide ( for Observation of Wild Animals eg Sambar Deer, Barking Deer, Sun Bear, Large Indian Civet, etc )

6) Visit the home of Primeval Aborigines Tribesman known as Orang Asli in Mowalaysia to learn about their primitive way of life and cultural difference.

7) Blow-pipe Shooting and Primitive Fire Starting as demonstrated by the Aborigines
( All participants will be given a chance to try out the Blow-pipe Shooting and Fire Starting without the use of match box or lighter but only use Bamboo / Coconut husk )

8) Jungle Trekking on designated trails ( River Bank trekking and Hill Side trekking )

9) Trek cum Climbing ( more than twice the height of Bukit Timah over 1,000 foot and is much challenging / tougher )

10) Shooting Rapids ( activity similar to white-water rafting ) – One of the favourite programmes from our past participants’ feedback

11) Waterfall Trekking and Swimming plus River Cruising ( subject to good weather condition )

12) Wildlife and Bird-watching Activity ( Taman Negara is one of the finest bird-watching site in whole of Malaysia )

13) * Night Jungle Safari on a 4-Wheel Drive ( optional activity – participants can opt out if not joining )
* Some wild animal sighted previously in Night Safari includes :

Leopard Cat, Slow Loris, Asian Palm Civet, Large Malaysian Civet, Python, Wild Water Buffalo, Wild Boar, Sambar Deer, Barking Deer, Spotted Wood Owl, Buffy Fish Owl and if lucky, may get to see Asiatic Golden Cat, Panther and Asian Elephant.

All activities above are subjected to open to public as some activities may be cancelled due to natural calamities ( eg River flash flood, Wildfire, Avalanches, Heavy downfall etc) and had to be closed temporarily for short time to allow time for maintenance and repair work in the park

Payment : arrange with organiser

Enquiry : Call John at 9655 6555 ( call is strictly for enquiry & not for booking purpose )

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