World 1st Landfill Island in Singapore – Entry to the island only by official permit granted by Government Statutory Board.
– Nature Trekker is working in collaboration with the Government Authorities ( National Environment Agency & Singapore Land Transport Authority ) to conduct nature tour to the restricted access island of Semakau only once a month


Join us and be the first to visit world’s first offshore landfill island and also one of Singapore’s southern most island ( situated near Raffles Light House and Indonesia water ).

Pulau Semakau was officially declare opened to nature-related organisations ( including Nature Trekker ) in 2005 by the Singapore’s Authority ( NEA ) and individuals or public are not allowed entry into the island except by permit.

Entry to the island is highly restricted and this tour is made possible due to the collaboration between Nature Trekker and NEA ( National Environment Agency ), a Government Statutory Board where Nature Trekker was issue permit to enter the island for conducting activity on nature exploration ( flora & fauna ) and educational touring ( learning about how landfill was done) .

The journey to Pulau Semakau will be on board a specially chartered cruise that will take approximately 45 mins ( similar travelling time to Batam island of Indonesia ) to reach the island. During both the indoor class lecture and outdoor nature eco – touring, participants go on a guided walk led by an experienced nature guide to share with you the wonder of nature to be found in the island as well as showing you a multi-media presentation cum video show inside a comfortable air – conditioned lecture room on the work of Semakau Landfill & its operational work involved.

Besides video show and class room lecture on both the Nature / Wildlife and the Historical facts of Semakau / Landfill Operational Work, all participants will be touring the island via air – conditioned mini buses throughout the whole morning island touring.

Past Survey were conducted on the island and had discovered “significant variety of flora and fauna” that still flourish on the unique island. The beach there is remarkably clean compared to those on mainland Singapore such as those found in Changi, Sembawang or Kranji.

If you are lucky, you may get to see other rare wildlife such as the “Chinese Egret” ( Globally Threatened & Endangered bird ) or the rare and elusive ” Oriental Smooth – coated Otter ” which can be found in Semakau.

Pulau Semakau is also home to Singapore’s tallest bird – ” Great – Billed Heron ” which stands at 115 centimetre tall ( equivalent to a 5 year’s old boy ) out of the total 365 species of birds found in Singapore. The ” Monster ” bird is very shy and often flew – off upon seeing humans. In mainland Singapore, it can hardly be seen due to over – populated human traffic but in Semakau, it is the best place to see one of these ” Monster ” bird as Semakau is extremely remote, tranquil and restricted from public access.

Date : To be confirmed for the month of DEC 2018

Meeting Point : To be confirmed later

Time : 8.00 am to 2.00 pm

* Our trip is strictly Terrestrial ( learning about the wildlife to be found on the island including sightings of interesting rare birds ) as well as learning the history of Pulau Semakau, the work behind the landfill operations & processes which make Singapore World’s first Landfill Island.

There will be no shore walk or marine wildlife study / learning to see coral or starfish etc. Terrestrial study is not a marine or shore trip activity.

* includes

* All will learn 2 programmes on the trip

– ( a ) the Wildlife / Fauna to be found in the unique Island of Semakau ( between 9.00 am to 11.30 am )

– ( b ) the Landfill Operation Work / Waste Management & the History of Pulau Semakau ( between 11.30 am to 1.00 pm )

1 ) Chartered cruise / ferry journey to island of Pulau Semakau ( time : approximately 45 mins per journey or 1.5 hours – return trip ).

2 ) Complimentary group photograph for every participants taken by professional photographer.

3 ) Air – conditioned Bus / Coach travel on the island of Semakau to provide Sightseeing and Educational Visit.

4 ) Talk cum Video Presentation conducted by Guide on the wildlife ( particular focus on bird species & general wildlife ) to be found in Semakau ( held in air-conditional lecture room ).

5 ) Jungle Trekking thru’ the wild virgin & pristine primeval natural forest of Pulau Semakau ( subject to Singapore Land Authority’s approval – no guarantee of accessing the jungle when application by SLA is in process ).

6 ) Nature guiding led by a guide sharing on the unique wildlife to be found in Pulau Semakau ( eg. Birds, Reptile, Amphibian, Mammal, Dragonfly, Butterfly, Spider, Bugs etc ). The expert guide will share with you and look out for some of the rare birds of Singapore eg. Malaysian Plover, Grey Plover, “dark morphed” Pacific Reef Egret, “Monster Bird” – ” Great – billed Heron ” and the “globally -endangered” & very rare Chinese Egret.

7 ) Talk, Video & Multi-Media Presentation conducted on the History of Semakau, the work of Semakau Landfill Operations ( held in air – conditional lecture room ).

8 ) Outdoor field guiding on the unique island of Semakau operation as well as the work behind the creation of landfill. Participant will get to learn the history of Pulau Semakau, the various restricted nearby Semakau eg. Pulau Pawai, Pulau Senang, Pulau Sudong, Pulau Jong, Pulau Sebarok, Pulau Hantu and also the further tip in Singapore shore – The Raffles Lighthouse.

9 ) If there is sufficient time available, a sharing of video show on wildlife conservation & protection in Singapore as part of educational sharing with participants ( held in air – conditioned lecture room ) will be conducted.

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